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The 3rd generation of our flagship product has gone through a defined & strategic modification process while maintaining the previous Rabbit generations’ unique feel and performance characteristics.  The R&D team has enhanced the performance in each size, while focusing on improved construction and features of the complete package (Kite/Bar/Bag). 

Improved upwind and jumping performance combined with the legendary Rabbit power delivery, stability, re-launch, depower abilities and wind range separate the product from any other in the industry. The entire Rabbit Gang 3.0 range offers a single point inflation system (Rabbit Air Flow - RAF), durable construction, adjustable bar pressure, direct and responsive handling and a proven safety system. The RG 3.0 package is completed by the re-engineered “RG 3.0 control bar” and the all-new, redesigned RG 3.0 kite bag.

During the rigorous design process of the new RG 3.0 kites and bar, it was our priority to continue development of this legendary product to achieve the same result as in the past - no matter if you are a seasoned Rabbit rider or a potential new one to the gang, when riding the RG 3.0 kites you will be ensured the best session of your life!!!

Available in sizes:

- 5 sq.m.  Bunny

- 6,25 sq.m.  Gypsy

- 7,5 sq.m.  Mr. Green

- 9 sq.m.  Smoke

- 10,5 sq.m.  Punch

- 12 sq.m.  Boss

- 14,5 sq.m.  Big Mama



  • 5m of Superpowers
  • preassembled  on the "V" bridals
  • Rabbit Tuning System




  • S size comes as a stock
  • multiple new safety connections
  • 100% custom molded elements
  • safety leash




  • comfortable & smart back pack
  • carrot pocket for inflated struts
  • waterproof front pocket
  • inner bag for protection & light travels




  • adhesive cloths for canopy repairs
  • adhesive patches for bladder repairs
  • PU patches & glue for bladder repairs
  • 2x center pigtails for bridal trimming




  • X large size for quick inflation
  • alloy pump rod high quality
  • the leash and wide stream air hose



  • Perfected, versatile performance inflatable kite
  • Re-engineered, safe & durable
  • All new ergonomic kite bag & functional inner bag
  • Bladder/Canopy repair essentials
  • High quality with rapid inflation

RG 3.0 bar

  • Multiple bar setup options
  • Safe with 100% flagout
  • All new components/molds
  • Thinner bar shaft with new ergonomic comfortable grip
  • New precision engineered metal center piece
  • New harness loop system when hooking in
  • New Quick Release (QR)
  • Considerably shortened distance between harness loop end and bar shaft.
  • Increased durability of the depower main line
  • Simple, innovative, dingy guy
  • New (reduced sized) shaped bar ends
  • New bar ends provide for ease of use when winding up kite lines


  • Stock
    The "Stock" set-up is how the bar comes "out the bag" and is geared towards the every day rider that engages his/her quick release in rare emergency occasions. In this option you attach the bar leash to the "safety" ring on buffer of the stock bar. When engaging the quick release in case of an emergency, the bar leash will stay connected to one of the front lines and "flag" the kite (depowers the kite 100%). In case of further danger activate your quick release on the safety leash to totally separate from the kite.
  • One Release
  • Double Depower
  • Suicide Connection
  • School Safety
  • Multiple bar setup options - several setup option to fit the needs/style of any rider
  • Safe with 100% flagout - our school safety setups enable 100% flagout while providing the least wear and tear on the bar components
  • All new components/molds: bar shaft, centerpiece, chicken loop, quick release, buffer, bar-ends
  • Thinner bar shaft with new ergonomic comfortable grip provides supreme handling efficiency
  • New precision engineered metal center piece for an even better fit of the buffer into the bar shaft
  • New harness loop system as a result of it's unique shape and construction providing abundant stiffness and ease of use when hooking in after riding unhooked
  • New Quick Release (QR) with additional side crimping eliminates hand slipping and provides better grip
  • Reduced size of QR and buffer has enabled a considerably shortened distance between harness loop end and bar shaft. This provides more comfortable steering, as well as easier reach of depower trim line
  • Increased durability of the depower main line section by double slicing the line and tightening the PU tube
  • Simple, though innovative, dingy guy that eliminates the risk of losing it, as well as allowing it to move it aside without taking it off – perfect for unhooked and hooked in riding
  • New (reduced sized) shaped bar ends provides better steering quality while using the appropriate density and hardness of the plastic to provide excellent but durable bending performance
  • New bar ends provide significant ease of use when winding up kite lines on the bar due to the deeper and additionally crimped bar-ends

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